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3MOMS: 5 Trend Interior Design Projects

3MOMS: 5 Trend Interior Design Projects

Be inspired by these luxurious kids’ rooms!

3MOMS started its journey for creating childhood fantasy lands and dreams almost half a decade ago.  As the saying goes “most inventions are born from necessity” these mothers were struggling to have THE PERFECT rooms for their newborns. Inspired by the common goal of creating fairytales for their most precious children, they embarked on their journey of bringing fantasies into real life, or rather turning real lives into fantasies.

The founders Alara Kocibey, Tuvana Buyukcinar Demir, and Emine Kutuk all come from different professional backgrounds, which finds translation in the diverse operations method of 3 MOMS. And because of their amazing work creating kids’ rooms that really inspires us, today we will share with you 5 trend interior design projects by 3MOMS.


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1.  Girl Nursery

3MOMS: 5 Trend Interior Design Projects

Elif’s Room it’s a magical kingdom, designed by 3MOMS, it’s where a little royal princess will be dazzled. With sparkle and carriages, your baby will start her enchantment with life from her dreamy room.

2. Boy Toddler

3MOMS: 5 Trend Interior Design Projects

The Noah’s Room was designed by 3MOMS for two inseparable brothers. They brought all the fun they would have in a lego town, into their kids’ room. Like they said: let boys be boys…

3. Girl Teen Room

3MOMS: 5 Trend Interior Design Projects

Image a who wishes to conquer the world. 3MOMS designed this Gulsere Room to influence her future conquests.

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4. Boy Playroom

3MOMS: 5 Trend Interior Design Projects

Designed by 3MOMS was projected for the whole family. The more the merrier was their theme for this room. Four brothers and a sister playing, the neighbor, in this private town.

5. Girl Playroom

3MOMS: 5 Trend Interior Design Projects

The Rana and Azra’s room created by 3MOMS was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. This themed playground is the space where the sisters enjoy their tea under the candy tree before they step on the stage possibly enacting the dreams of their future.


What do you think about these 5 trend interior design projects by 3MOMS?


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