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Angelika Prudnikova: Best Kids’ Interior Design Projects

Angelika Prudnikova: Best Kids’ Interior Design Projects

Prepare yourself to be inspired!

Angelika Prudnikova is the mastermind behind the incredible Studio Of Elite Interiors. The brand exists for more than 15 years and it has become a beacon for interior design solutions in inspirations in Russia and all over the world. Angelika Creates unique designs that strike as beautiful, luxurious, and exuberant, and for that and many other reasons, Kids Bedroom Ideas will share 6 of her best kids’ interior design projects! Enjoy!



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Angelika Prudnikova

A princess girls’ room in pink, blue, and gold shades. The kids’ bed looks absolutely cozy and the rug gives more coziness to the room. The suspension lamp gives a perfect classic touch that combines perfectly with the butterfly of the wall. We simply love this Angelika Prudnikova interior design project.


Angelika Prudnikova

In this interior design project for a boys’ room, Angelika Prudnikova’s inspiration was the ocean and nautical adventures. In blue and green shades, a classic blue headboard, and an anchor wall light, this kids’ room looks stylish and timeless.

An Outer Space Mission



Angelika Prudnikova

With neutral and pink tones, this girls’ room is a perfect inspiration for your little princess. Angelika Prudnikova designed this kids’ room decor with a classic design and timeless colors. The curtains over the kids’ bed in a cream tone give a special touch to the bedroom decor that makes it look like a dream come true.


Angelika Prudnikova

With a modern design and nautical inspirations, this boys’ room by Angelika Prudnikova is a perfect inspiration. With red and blue tones and a bed with the shape of a boat, this kids’ room looks really different and stylish!

Coveted 20th



Angelika Prudnikova

An adorable girls’ room with lots of pink, gold, and shine by Angelika Prudnikova. The round shape of the bed, the armchair, and the walls with pink and gold details make this room look just perfect!


Angelika Prudnikova

To finish with style, we share with you this perfect modern classic girls’ room designed by Angelika Prudnikova. The pink and blue tunes look absolutely perfect, which are used in the wallpaper inspired in marble. Also, the blue headboard gives a classic and cozy touch to the girls’ bed and the armchair creates the perfect spot for a reading corner.


What do you think about these 6 best kids’ best interior design projects by Angelika Prudnikova?


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