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ArkA Design Studio, From Private Residences to Modern Kindergartens

ArkA Design Studio, From Private Residences to Modern Kindergartens ⇒ The ArkA Design service is focused on the original design. The professional architects and interior designers come from different countries including China, Italy, and Colombia.


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Credits: ArkA


Michele Lanari, the CEO, graduated from the University of Trieste, Italy. Lanari studied with the representative of Tessin’s new school of architecture Luigi Snozzi, reaching his bachelor’s degree in senior architects and a master’s degree in architecture. After graduation, Lanari jointed as design director at ell(E)gi Architectural Design Firm, Luciano Semerani’s son team in Italy (focusing on hospital and rehabilitation centre design).


Credits: ArkA


Credits: ArkA


At the following years, devoted to professional research, Lanari designed many construction projects leading teams exploring and learning new technologies to increase in this way their professional knowledge to develop interior design inspired by Montessori Education Method.


Credits: ArkA


In his first time visiting China, Michele Lanari met Damon, founder of WE, who invited him to officially join WE and settle in China. After one year and successful projects, Damon and Lanari decided to create ArkA. Since then, combining Montessori’s educational philosophy with architecture, ArkA team under the leadership of Lanari has been working on suitable environments to improve Chinese children’s education, especially kindergartens and educational facilities to encourage children to be creative and independent.


Credits: ArkA


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