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Top Bedroom Design Ideas with Circu

Written by João Barros

Bedroom Design Ideas for kids should be creative and inspired by cartoons they watch and dreams they have at night. A magical world of Circu was created for kids to get into a fairy tale of their dreams. The main purpose of design is to allow children to dream.

Top Bedroom Design Ideas with Circu design

In a certain way, it is the ultimate preposition of being free, colorful, innocent, naive, fun and extremely “bubbly”, and it’s like this that we want to seduce the world. A brand Circu aims to become the pinnacle of fun, freedom and life, introducing a new entire world and a new entire state of mind.
Circu is much more than a furniture brand. Its mission consists in teaming up with parents and helping them to really appreciate their inner child and their child’s visions and perspectives. Circu wants to provide living spaces where children can play and learn safely.

Top Bedroom Design Ideas with Circu
Rocky Rocket
Rocky Rocket is the perfect combination between parents’ vision and their kids. Parents can see Tintin references at this piece; and their kids can be inspired on “Toy’s Story” the movie, especially on “Buzz Lightyear” and his belief of being a true Space Ranger, protecting the Universe. Let’s go to the infinitive and beyond?

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Fantasy Air Balloon
Top Bedroom Design Ideas with Circu photosInspired in the world of adventure, Fantasy Air Balloon is the perfect piece for kids to dream and be happy! This amazing piece by Circu is a bed, which can be customized for little girls or boys. When they grow up, this baby nest can be transformed into a teen sofa. With large storage capacities this amazing piece will help parents organize their kids’ room. The bottom of this piece is made of the best wickerwork techniques.

“We are thrilled to present our magic brand to the world!” – Head designer André Oliveira

Top Bedroom Design Ideas with Circu children bedroom

Fantasy Air Balloon and Rocky Rocket are ideal pieces of design for kids who like adventures. Besides, this type of design will inspire and encourage them to sleep peacefully. We may put it in the center of a room or hide in a corner.

Top Bedroom Design Ideas with Circu for kids

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What do you think about these bedroom design ideas? Which piece do you like more? Would you like one for your kid?


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