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Brand New Playroom Furniture Pieces You Must Have!

Brand New Playroom Furniture Pieces You Must Have! Finding the perfect pieces for your playroom design is a hard task to undertake, as you want them to be as fun and function as possible, without being tacky and plain ugly. Circu Magical Furniture Launched a new line of products called Bubble Gum, and, amongst these awesome new pieces, are a few that can easily enter your plans for that perfect playroom. Tell us, which one is your favourite?


Magical Playroom Furniture


The Bubble Gum Collection aims to provide you with a dreamy and functional design, where children can actually play indoors without being hurt. This modern and clean design is inspired by the work and trends of the great master architects who create incredible playgrounds and family centres throughout the world.



Inspired by the traditional outdoor playgrounds the Bubble Gum Playground is the product you need to bring adventure and creativity to your children play area. With its fun features combined with exceptional design, this playground will help kids keeping exercised by giving them gymnastic equipment and dynamic elements.

Alongside this amazing playground, there are a few objects you can use to complement your child’s playing station. These segments, built with noble, luxurious and hazard-safe materials give your kids the possibility to live their fantasies at their fullest.


To complement the look, and to add a chilling spot to the room, Circu launched too a couple of sofas that will fit perfectly with theses pieces.


The Cotton Candy Sofa will add sweetness and playfulness to you bedroom design. With unique and trendy shapes, this item is the perfect seating option to have in a kid’s playroom or for those who want to create a relaxing corner where children can read it’s favourite fairytale stories.


The Rainbow Sofa will bring magic to any kid’s room corner. With its round and simple shape, this sofa is the perfect seating option to add to your room design. By combining the velvet upholstery with the gold details on the bottom, the Rainbow Sofa will give any project a touch of elegance and luxury while giving kids a comfortable place to relax and read their favourite stories.


Find all about the new pieces here!


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