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Candy Coloured Kids Bedroom Furniture You’ll Adore

Candy Coloured Kids Bedroom Furniture You’ll Adore ⇒ We ALL love candy, there’s no point denying that. Sweet, salty, sticky, soft, there are all sorts of candy for anyone’s taste. And one of the things that makes us love it so much is its colouring. Those bright, soft, pastel or lacquered tones leave us to imagine the wonders we’ll feel when we taste them. What if we could transport those same colours and textures to our kid’s bedrooms? It’s just a matter of finding the right pieces, like the ones we’ll show you below. And we promise it won’t give them bad teeth.


Candy Coloured Kids Bedroom Furniture You'll Adore

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Our Favourite Candy (biting is obviously not advised, taste it with your touch and sight)


Magical Mirror


Candy Coloured Kids Bedroom Furniture You'll Adore

Inspired by the mirror of the wicked witch of Snow White, this kids’ mirror is also magical! “Magic Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?” is one of the most remarkable quotes of the Disney universe and an inspiration for this item. The Magical Mirror is the perfect wall mirror to give your little majesty’s room a charming decor. This unique item appears as a normal mirror but, with magic, it turns into a movie screen, due to the 22’’ TV inside.


Rocky Rocket


Candy Coloured Kids Bedroom Furniture You'll Adore

The Rocky Rocket it’s a children’s interactive chair, painted in a red and white checkered pattern. The moon rocket has become an iconic symbol for kids, while parents will recognize it from the adventures of Tintin, kids will relate it to Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story”. The Rocky Rocket has a RGB light and speakers and it can be controlled by a mobile app (or with remote control). That connects by Bluetooth and you can choose the music you want to play in your smartphone. The app has also asleep assistant and you can choose the colour intensity of the light and lighting effects.


Little Cloud Nightstand


Candy Coloured Kids Bedroom Furniture You'll Adore



The Little Cloud Nightstand is a kids’ furniture product inspired by the Pixar’s Short film “Partly Cloudy” and it is the perfect storage item for dreamy bedroom decoration. With a creative and playful design, this nightstand resembles clouds and portrays children’s imaginary. It features 2 drawers and the decorative suitcases are piled up to provide extra storage. It has a custom made buckle that resembles the spirit of adventures.



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