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You Can’t Miss these Incredible Stands at Isaloni 2018!

Isaloni 2018 is just around the corner! Counting down the days we find ourselves a bit eager but super excited. We love to keep coming back to Milan year after year, it’s a special city with a distinctive lifestyle that inspires us in the most heartfelt way. For this reason, we’re sharing with you the second part of a list regarding the top exhibitors that will take iSaloni 2018 to a higher level. We hope you enjoy.


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Maison Valentina


You Can't Miss these Incredible Stands at Isaloni 2018!


Here’s a brand we can’t simply get enough of. Maison Valentina is a luxury brand dedicated to the most exquisite and sophisticated bathroom furniture. The finest materials converge in high-end solutions that are also a tribute to craftsmanship and all the possibilities of those long forgotten arts. Bathrooms never looked so stylish.


Luxxu Home



If the contemporary design has a true representation, then you might be talking about Luxxu. With this brand, luxury meets modern perspectives that are shaping trends all around the world. Another original take on the powers of craftsmanship, Luxxu’s language consists of timeless pieces that are bound to become amazing ambiences. A proof that harmony and detail can be combined flawlessly.



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You Can't Miss these Incredible Stands at Isaloni 2018!


Kids dream and Circu makes it happen. Aeroplanes, flying balloons, tepee tents, bun vans, space rockets, mermaid shells – you name it. Circu is all about imagination and fantasies that become reality. Your house is their playground and, with Circu, magic is all around. If it makes you happy, it makes us happy too!




You Can't Miss these Incredible Stands at Isaloni 2018!


All hail the detail! Pullcast is strongly influenced by architectural and artistic elements, crafting handmade customization and treasuring the creation of a bond with their custom work. More than this, Pullcast are actually masters of storytelling since every piece tells you a tale. A luxurious one, of course.




You Can't Miss these Incredible Stands at Isaloni 2018!


Past and present are one with Rug’Society. Another brand that aims to be the prime focus of your project and we all know a rug can really make the difference. Doesn’t matter if it’s a contract project or a residential one – Rug’Society is the solution for your unfinished enterprises. More than products, Rug’Society delivers works of art for every taste. Be sure to catch them at iSaloni!


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