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Check Out these Awesome Indoor Playgrounds by Prestigious Architects

Check Out these Awesome Indoor Playgrounds by Prestigious Architects Amongst the current paradigm, we realized how important it is for our children to have a designated play space. A safe harbour where they can let their imagination flow freely and where they can pursue their wildest fantasies and adventures. But creating one can be a bit tricky. To help spike your own imagination, we’ll share 5 indoor playgrounds here conceived by award-winning architects throughout the world. Which one’s your favourite?




This summer house for a family with three children was initially designed around the idea of creating spaces to sleep and play in the attic, intended for the whole family. Space utilizes a kind of “pedestal” structure (with bed and carpets), including two upper levels and a staircase. In addition to being very stimulating for play, the environment is safe – being surrounded by protective nets that are also a part of the game at certain points – and cosy – due to the neutrality of the colour palette chosen.



The singularity of this residence lies in its “magical island” (named after its creators), which separates the real world from the imaginative to create different environments for children to build memories of their childhood. For example, the round blue sofa acts as an analogy to the pool. This playful environment is also present in architectural elements such as stairs and drawers.


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After an earthquake in 2011, this project emerged with the objective of rebuilding a kindergarten in eastern Japan. The main purpose of the building was to create interiors that allowed children to play freely, ensuring their physical safety and keeping them away from the risks of radiation. Along these ends, a wide corridor was created with large pools of water and sand. Another curious addition involved the insertion of doors with different dimensions, allowing children to intuitively explore the space.



This is a Danish kindergarten whose main objective is to simulate a small city for children, thus expanding the boundaries of the scale of traditional schools. This “miniature city” manifests in the building through 11 small blocks in the form of houses slightly separated from each other. Inside the main building, spaces such as the kitchen, nurseries, and game rooms are structured as if they were houses designed for children. Exploring space’s levels and slopes also become part of the game, protected by safety nets.



This building is surrounded by an intermediate central courtyard and includes a ramp that leads from the ground floor to the roof. Its internal steps and ramps contribute to a child’s movement and encourage them to explore both the interior and exterior sides of the construction.


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