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Check out Here the Best Kids Furniture Brands At Isaloni 2018

As we quickly approach the Salone del Mobile.Milano, it is time we prepare a proper guide, according to our needs. It’s really, really easy to get lost amongst isaloni‘s immensity. We get easily distracted by the new incredible trends and products, and it’s perfectly acceptable. What’s not acceptable is missing out some of the best kids furniture brands in the world. In this post, you’ll find the top 10 brands for kids at Isaloni 2018. You really don’t want to miss them.


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Guess what? Circu‘s there. The luxurious Portuguese brand will once again be present at the isaloni’s huge international stage. Every single furniture piece is handcrafted in Portugal by expert artisans who are quite passionate about their work. Circu‘s furniture allows children to dream. And that’s the brand’s main focus: to inspire children to achieve their zenith.




Isaloni 2018: The Best Kids Furniture Brands at the Event


Altamoda was created to bring into the world of home decor the same tailor-style approach which is typical of fashion creations. By joining fashion and design, a new concept of the environment was born, where all decorating pieces, from table to chair, from rug to chandelier, becomes a distinctive icon of style, more than a merely functional item.




Isaloni 2018: The Best Kids Furniture Brands at the Event


Çilek was founded in Turkey in 1995 focused on presenting its original designs to bring an exciting room atmosphere to all children around the world. Known for their awesomely realistic car beds, Çilek aspires to inspire children to become whatever they want to be.


Ebanisteria Bacci


Isaloni 2018: The Best Kids Furniture Brands at the Event


Ebanisteria Bacci is located in the area of Perignano (Pisa), which is famous for its art in woodworking. It represents Italian excellence in the world for the quality and knowledge of valuable raw materials and craftsmanship. The name (Ebanisteria) speaks of tradition and culture of woodworking, namely the art of decoration based on strong belief in the value of manual work as opposed to the industrial process. 




Isaloni 2018: The Best Kids Furniture Brands at the Event


Ferrimobili was founded in the 70’s thanks to the intuition of two brothers who were woodworkers. Ever since its beginning the company has always featured its capability to create spaces fitted to the needs of children, in terms of space, comfort and every-day use.  Ferrimobili has always focused its attention on three elements that represent the guiding principles of every proposed solution: research, innovation and sensibility to the growing requirements of the market. Nowadays our collection of children’s bedrooms is characterized by high-level product customization, a wide choice of independent accessories and an ever-growing search for innovative elements.



Isaloni 2018: The Best Kids Furniture Brands at the Event


Trébol is a Spanish furniture brand born in 2009 with the main goal of creating a  concept. Committed to design and to manufacture, their aim is to create spaces for the little bosses around the house.




Isaloni 2018: The Best Kids Furniture Brands at the Event


Haute couture and craftsmanship raise the quality of furnishing and give life to a space where classic design reinvents itself through new elegance. More room for dreams and emotions to narrate a unique story. Exclusive fabrics disclose through natural, delicate pastel colours, while curvy lines irresistibly catch the eye.


Kids & Teens


Isaloni 2018: The Best Kids Furniture Brands at the Event


With officially licenced products, Kids & Teens aim to bring to your kid’s room decor their favourite Disney stories.




Isaloni 2018: The Best Kids Furniture Brands at the Event


Pellegatta pays attention to the most precious details and distinguishes itself from the products of industrial companies. The timeless designs accompany the growth of the child into adulthood.


Savio Firmino


Isaloni 2018: The Best Kids Furniture Brands at the Event



Respect of tradition and the use of high-quality state-of-the-art techniques – these are the cornerstones of the brand’s production. The care of detail so dear to artisanal tradition. The continuous research for innovative solutions. The skilful work of professionals in the furnishings sector. These few elements make the Savio Firmino product unique in its kind.


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