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10 Cool Baby Nursery Colour Scheme Ideas for You to Steal

Trends dictated that soften colours have relaxing effects on babies and parents all over the world seemed to accept this without considering strong baby room colours. However, the tendency to use sharper colours in order to create a powerful and enjoyable ambience did not neglect nurseries.  And to help you with this complex issue, Kids Bedroom Ideas editors have selected baby nursery colour scheme ideas that will certainly inspire you today. Check them out!


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baby nursery colour scheme ideas


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Here you can see a magical and neutral nursery room, with soft colours on the wallpaper, wood details and colourful pieces like the chair matching the gorgeous Atomic chandelier by DelightFULL. Animal paintings on the wall make this room a perfect place for a baby to rest and have a great time.


baby nursery colour scheme ideas


It is very recommendable to stop undermining the relevance of some great recommendations, especially when exploring the effect of a particular colour during early childhood. How about this gorgeous light pink room idea for your baby girl?


baby nursery colour scheme ideas


Psychologists understand that warm shades can stimulate our brain’s function and provide us with the energy and motivation to grow but should be avoided at nights because of their ‘energizing effect’.


baby nursery colour scheme ideas


Red is an energizing colour which can wake up your mind and boost your heart rates. Still, being surrounded by this colour can cause overexcitement and could provoke aggression and lack of focus.


baby nursery colour scheme ideas


It is true-blue has a pleasant, calming effect. What it takes to apply it correctly is to be conscious of the different effect of its shades. Darker blue shades can provoke a feeling of melancholy and sadness.


baby nursery colour scheme ideas


Purple is an expensive colour because it is always associated with luxury and royalty. Since earliest times, people associated this colour with their social status and their wealth. That is why even genuine purple (lilacs, lavender, and rosemary) invokes serenity and aristocracy.


baby nursery colour scheme ideas


Let’s face it: white is the master of all combinations! It can be used with every colour, tone or shade, as much as you deem necessary. This colour is equally used everywhere in the world a symbol of conversion, hope, and vitality.


baby nursery colour scheme ideas


Green is the ultimate symbol of nature and serenity. This is because this colour is a compelling soother of our bodies and minds, which helps us calm down and focus.


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