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Fall Trends 2020 – Get the Perfect Furniture to Study at Home

Fall Trends 2020 – Get the Perfect Furniture to Study at Home ⇒ Fall is one of the year’s most beautiful seasons. The leaves fall on the ground, creating a majestic red and brown blanket over the concrete and we get our much-awaited pumpkin-spiced lattes and such. Fall is also a time of change and a time to get comfortable with the cold weather, meaning we must adapt our homes in order to be motivated to spend more time in them, protected of the elements. Fall is also a time of mid-terms and school papers to deliver, so we mustn’t forget about the educational side of life. Bearing this in mind, Kids Bedroom Ideas gathered 3 ambiences that will inspire you into creating the ultimate study room for your kids.



In this ambience, we can see how modern trends mix and match well with the core principles of designing for childrenFun furniture with geometrical shapes, texture-rich materials and sleek finishings are some of the main characteristics when picking furniture for a modern approach.

As such, the Bubble Gum Desk works wonders in here, as its oblong shapes add the geometric feel to the whole setting, while its clean, sleek lacquered finishing add brightness and glitter to the design. The Little Bunny chair here works both as a simple desk chair and as a vessel of creativity and youthfulness in the setting. Its texture-rich material brings comfort to the design, and its customized colour option adds yet another playful colour pop to the design.


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This ambience, on the other hand, is more function-driven. Lots of storage space, created by the Puzzled Bookcase set the tone to a practical and focused study session. Modern-classic vibes on this ambience transmit a sense of exclusivity, comfort and glamour. Fantasy is also a key factor on this ambience, as it maintains the room youthful enough for the boy/girl.


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This ambience is, on the other hand, way more dipped into fantasy than the previous ones. The Sky Desk is the perfect example of how a kids desk can be functional and fun at the same time. Its built-in storage allows kids to store all their school supplies with no effort whatsoever, while its design motivates them to put on the work. We all know how hard it is to get into the Air Force Academy or Piloting school, so what’s a better motivation to get them to study than to give them an airplane-shaped desk?


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