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Gender-Neutral Kids Study Inspired by Rainforests

Gender-Neutral Kids Study Inspired by Rainforests – Gender-neutral is a solution that is constantly sought out when designing. Kids not always want something blue or pink, or race cars and princess castles. And it is important to take into consideration what their personality reflect and what they can become. Thus, gender-neutral spaces give them a blank canvas to paint in their own colors. But his blank canvas doesn’t have to be white, like the following design.


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In this unique setting, we see a sage green and pastel color scheme, which aids in creating the rainforest feeling. The biggest feature in this corner is the top to bottom bookcase in a fresh, mint green hue. It’s a furniture piece that definitely calls attention in the best way, providing elegance and space with its lacquered and glass shelves, as well as a whole structure built-in nickel polished brass.

The dream desk in this cappuccino-like colorway merges perfectly well with the room’s aesthetics and color scheme. The beautiful round shapes of the Cloud Collection made it possible for us to create this Dream Desk, that showcases perfectly how round shapes can transform a piece into art. The curved shapes of the desk will highlight even more the beauty of your kid’s room and increase their imagination. With its creative compartment options this desk will provide the perfect storage for all of your kid’s materials.

The final touch of this unique, fantasy-like rainforest study nook is the little bunny chair. Inspired by the iconic character Bugs Bunny, the most famous and playful bunny in the world, the Little Bunny Chair is here to add more fantasy to this setting.


Step inside the funnest jungle ever
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