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HAO Design Creates some Incredible Kids Spaces

HAO Design Creates some Incredible Kids Spaces ⇒ HAO Design expects to live to be in an aesthetic form which is also an attitude. The studio tries to apply beautiful life experience to design and to optimize the interaction between users and spaces. HAO Design creates experiences for both kids and entire families, allowing them to spend quality time together in a stylish space they can call home. Here are some of our favourite spaces created by the studio:


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Amusement Casa


Credits: HAO Design


When you enter the Stone family residence, the visitor is greeted not by a living room but by a 19-ping (approximately 60m2) leisure and recreation area. A smooth wooden table sets the tone; this is the creative space where Mr and Mrs Stone spend a lot of their time with their children making things together. The “Favourite Thing” light fixture that is hung from the ceiling combines lighting and display functions; the craft items created by their daughter can be placed inside the light cover for backlit display. The blackboard-wall that is positioned on the right-hand side as one enters the room serves as a message board for all the family, and provides the children with a surface to sketch on; Mrs Stone also uses the blackboard for noting down recipes on. The interior design thus provides the family with flexible, interactive space.


Outer Space Kids Play Area


Credits: HAO Design


Even the simple, elegant, and typical Japanese style is the characteristics of this space, the studio made numerous details which are full of the fun and joy of childlike innocence, for instance, the moon lamp looks like floating on the kitchen island, the vivid cabinet which can display plenty of adorable toys, the dramatic shelf, the pouffe look extremely the same as stone and logs which should be in forest, and the movable blackboard can let the kids give full play to their imagination and energy.


The Bright House Kids’ Bedroom


Credits: HAO Design


Rather than using old-fashioned floor puzzle mats, this area has been designed with a wooden floor covered with synthetic foam, making it a safe place for the baby to learn to walk; once the child is older, the foam matting can be removed to create a reading and study room for the child.


The Nutcracker House Child’s Bedroom


Credits: HAO Design


The children’s room is an adventure amusement park. The entrance is ingeniously inserted in the centre of the living room bookshelf. A small pink “doggy door” seems to evoke Alice in Wonderland where Alice could enter the secret passage only after drinking the shrinking potion. The interior is open and spacious. The customized playground slide is both a bed and an amusement. It fully takes into account the safety of the children’s night activities. The bed is designed to be the lower bunk while the upper bunk is the “observatory fortress.” Pastel colours and rounded lines inspire the children room’s fairy tale atmosphere.


The Gentle Steel Heart House


This project is located in a residential area in Xiaogang, Kaohsiung, and was commissioned by a couple with a daughter in elementary school. The couple had vastly different expectations for the style of their home. The husband is a steel engineer, and is very interested in metallic pieces and a rough industrial style; the wife is a flight attendant with a sensitive mind who loves to experience different cultures and new experiences. She hoped for a simplistic and bright Japanese style with Nordic cultural craftsmanship quality.


Lego Pond


Credits: HAO Design


In this Lego Play Pond, creative imagination can generate countless colourful “ripples.” Simple components combine to create imaginative spaces with great visual appeal. The whole concept of home life is redefined, with the appearance of a “magical island” that surpasses mundane reality, and which seems to bring childhood memories to life. Embodying immense potential for fun and enjoyment, the Lego Play Pond represents a “secret cave” that can be used for storing Lego and other items; the photos and toys displayed on the Lego boards portray their own distinctive life stories.


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