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30 Incredible Kids Rooms To Inspire your Project – Part 1

30 Incredible Kids Rooms To Inspire your Project – Part 1 – Creating the perfect kids’ bedroom is not easy, and sometimes, it seems unachievable. And there are two main reasons for it: lack of inspiration and lack of access to the right pieces. Luckily, here you’ll find none of these crippling conditions. In a series of two posts, we will introduce you to 30 incredible kids bedrooms, that will inspire you to create the perfect one yourself.  The hard part will be choosing your favorite!


A Collection that will take you to the clouds



An adorable kids’ bedroom inspiration that will perfectly fit both boy’s and girls’ theme rooms. With a complete set of modern furniture, the Cloud Collection will turn any children’s room into their favorite spot to play and dream.



For a simple but adorable look for any kids room, the Dainty Armchair is the perfect piece and add on that will bring a touch of elegance and comfort.



With its cute and playful design, the Sky Desk will make homework feel way more fun and take any kid into a trip to the skies inside their modern bedroom.



This simple but elegant kids room design includes the Nodo suspension chair, one of the most iconic pieces for modern kids room design.



The Illusion Collection is the perfect add on to a children’s playroom decor. This kids’ furniture set will bring a touch of magic and fun to any kids’ learning time.



A fun and colorful idea for a girl’s room play area. With its modern lines and luxury and very comfortable sofa, this will be the place where the kids can play and relax.


Luxury girl’s bedroom inspiration featuring our modern and creative Cloud Collection. Every detail of this kid’s bedroom was made thinking about the fantasy world kids live in and how to create their own unique dream without leaving the house.



In this kid’s luxury bedroom, Circu created a beautiful bedroom in a gorgeous blue shade that brings all the calmness of the undersea.



With neutral colors such as cream and mint color with a white base, CIRCU created this stunning neutral study room to make homework feel like a fun time for any child.



Kids playroom design with Tropical Vibes for the ultimate fun and adventure. A play area that reminds us of nature and that allows children to feel like they are exploring outside.



A bunny-shaped bed that every kid wants to have. The Bunny bed will be your kid’s favorite spot and a best friend for life that will bring comfort and joy.



Custom luxury kids playroom inspired by the wildness of nature. This luxury tree house will be the little childs’ favorite place to explore their imaginary world and feel like they are playing in a real jungle.



Inspired by the sweetness of kids’ favorite candies our Bubble Gum Desk is specially made to make homework time into a sweet moment for kids.



Inspired by the sweetness of kid’s favorite candies the Bubble Gum Bed is going to take you directly to wonderland. With its curved shapes combined with LED features, this playful bed is going to be the standout piece you need for a dreamy and funky design.


The Worlds Most Magical Kids Bedrooms are here!


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