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Kids’ Bathroom: Knightsbridge Manor Neverland Bathroom

Kids’ Bathroom: Knightsbridge Manor Neverland Bathroom

Be inspired by this elegant and modern kids’ bathroom

The perfect complement for a magical kids’ bedroom is an equally magical kids’ bathroom! In their new interior design project, Brabbu creates one of the best kids’ bathrooms ever, with an elegant, colorful, and modern design. Let’s check every detail of this wonderful project!


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Kids' Bathroom

Featuring some of the most imaginative bathroom designs ever seen, this private oasis meant for children is meant to grab them by their imagination and take them flying into a Neverland of adventurous relaxation and sensational emotions, where they can truly find rest in beauty. Its incredible colors evoke the magic felt in otherworldly places and the beauty of the shapes that ornament the room provides a sense of luxurious functionality that screams uniqueness. This inventive bathroom features the amazing custom Petra Bathtub as its impressive centerpiece, together with the amazing custom Petra Washbasin, the two pieces by Maison Valentina, awarding dreamy moments of pure blissfulness to whoever enters this room. At the same time as being illuminated by the dazzling Atomic Suspension Light by DelightFULL.

Kids' Bathroom

For an adorable and pink touch in your kids’ bathroom, the Hoot Stool by Circu is the perfect piece! With the shape of an owl, the Hoot Stool represents the spirit of nature. Made with fiberglass and resin, this stool turns every kids’ bedroom into a space full of personality and will help children to connect with nature. With a touch of faux fur on the top, this kids’ stool will add style and texture to your project design, making it perfect for every nature lover.


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Hoot Stool By Circu

Kids' Bathroom

CandyLand PlayRoom - Exclusive Project With Asmaa Tarek


Kids' Bathroom

Also, for a colorful and cozy touch, The Rhino’s Troup Rug by Circu is the ideal rug for your kids’ bathroom! The biggest show of the world full of music, fun, and magic is here and it can be a part of your kids’ bedroom project. This rug was inspired by the world of animals and how special they make our world feel. With the use of different shades such as dark purple and emerald green, this rectangular rug will brighten up any room.


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The Rhino’s Troup Rug By Circu

Kids' Bathroom

Hope you liked this magical kids’ bathroom!

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