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Kids Bedroom Accessories that Will Instantly Upgrade their Space

Kids Bedroom Accessories that Will Instantly Upgrade their Space – Accessorizing a kids bedroom ain’t an easy task. There are a lot of safety issues surrounding their bedroom decor, in which we have to imagine a thousand worst-case scenarios in order to prevent them. Then can cut themselves while playing and dropping a vase, they can trip and fall because of a rug, they can get hit by something hanging on the wall… There are tons of things that can wrong. But, fortunately for us, there are tons of things that can also go right.


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Cloud Lamp


The Cloud Lamp has an RGB light and speakers. The sound system can be controlled by a mobile app that connects with the Cloud Lamp by Bluetooth. You can choose the music you want to play on your smartphone. The app has also a sleep assistant. The light system can be controlled by a mobile app or with remote control. You can choose the color, the intensity of the light, and lighting effects.


Gold Toy Box


Gold Box is a luxurious kids’ toy box inspired by the fine gold bar shape. Inspired by the adventures of Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the world, this toy box is a useful storage solution for kids’ precious toys and secret treats.

This exclusive toy box is built on wood, lacquered with metallic paint and has gold leaf finishes. It features a rotating cover and a secret compartment, for the most treasured kids’ goods.


Magical Mirror


Inspired by the mirror of the wicked witch of Snow White, this kids’ mirror is also magical! “Magic Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?” is one of the most remarkable quotes of the Disney universe and an inspiration for this item. The Magical Mirror is the perfect wall mirror to give your little majesty’s room a charming decor.

This unique item appears as a normal mirror but, with magic it turns into a movie screen, due to the 22’’ TV inside.


Letter A Graphic Lamp


As long as the vintage interior and exterior style lives, the traditional Didot typeface Letter A will be the one suited for any contemporary interior decor. In gold, with a neon shine, this is the marquee light letter your contemporary outdoor decor will be thankful for.
This creative letter can be colored customizable and it’s available in a mini version so it can be an astounding lamp on the floor or wall of your modern room decor.

Meet all the graphic lamps here!


Bubble Loop


Add more fun to your kid’s play area with the Bubble Loop. Inspired by the funky shapes of kid’s favorite candies this creative item is the accessory you need to add more flavor to your kids’ bedroom decor.

With its velvet upholstery and gold details on the bottom, the Bubble Loop will also provide a touch of luxury and texture to your decor without losing the touch of fun.


Bubble Slide


The Bubble Slide is here to add more fun to your kid’s bedroom. Whether you use it next to your kid’s bed or as an accessory to your kid’s play area, this creative piece will be the item you need to add an extra flavor to your children’s room.


Bubble Drop


The Bubble Drop is the element you need to add more flavor to your kid’s bedroom design. With its fun shape inspired by kids’ favorite sweets, this creative item can work perfectly has a bench or simple as an accessory of your kids’ play area.


Moon Rug


Moon Rug is the ideal piece for your little astronaut or adventurous kid room. It can be used as his spot for fun and play and also brings a warm decoration to the space.


Sky Rug


Give your kid’s bedroom to design a warm and comfortable feeling with CIRCU’s Sky Rug. Every little boy or girl dreams about their wonderland and this rug is the ultimate decor piece to complete such a magical place. Sky Rug is made of artificial sheep wool, acrylic, and polyester.




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