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Top 7 Kids’ Bedroom By Stéphanie Coutas

Top 7 Kids’ Bedroom By Stéphanie Coutas

Fall in love with these adorable inspirations!

Stéphanie Coutas is one of the top 100 most influential interior decorators by AD Magazine, the world’s number one resource on design. When this top interior designer put her hands on a kids’ interior design project she make dreams true, and the next kids’ bedrooms are proof of that!


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Stéphanie Coutas Nursery Rooms

Stéphanie Coutas

A modern classic girls’ nursery in neutral tones and amazing details like the wallpaper, the mirrors, and the pink details on the furniture. This adorable nursery design by Stéphanie Coutas is perfect for the ones that like a timeless and minimalist design, that always looks magical!

Stéphanie Coutas

A sweet boys’ nursery room in white and blue shades and a modern design. The bear in the wall is the special detail of this boys’ room, that combines perfectly with the wallpaper in the shades of blue, the cloud stools, and the rug also with the cloud.

By the way. Stéphanie Coutas include in this room the adorable Shark Stool by Circu Magical Furniture, a kids’ furniture piece with an exclusive design that promises to awaken children’s friendship with animals. This children’s stool introduces a modern design, always ensuring that the bedroom reflects the child’s personality and is both fun and young.





Magical Kids Bedrooms and Playground Ideas


Stéphanie Coutas

A wonderful girls’ nursery room in pink and golden shades! Stéphanie Coutas give this room a timeless and modern design that looks really amazing: the little mirrors in the walls inspired by hot ballons, the gold wallpaper, the cozy armchair, and the pink patterned rug makes this nursery room look really special.

Stéphanie Coutas

Following the same style of the previous nursery, this adorable boys’ nursery in shades of blue and white is absolutely stunning! The white sofa inspired by cloud looks really cozy, as also the blue patterned rug that combines perfectly with the geometric wallpaper. We simply love this Stéphanie Coutas design!

An Outer Space Mission


Stéphanie Coutas Kids’ Rooms

Stéphanie Coutas

The sweet details of this girls’ bedroom design by Stéphanie Coutas are absolutely gorgeous! The geometric wallpaper in neutral tones and inspired by mountains gives a special touch to the room with the chair in gold metal and pink fabrics and the gold and white table lamp. With an exquisite timeless and modern design is girls’ bedroom is a dream come true!

Stéphanie Coutas

This boys’ room design by Stéphanie Coutas has an absolutely gorgeous timeless and modern design! The wallpaper in shades of blue and white gives the color bases for the rest of the room, with a white kids’ bed, a cozy rug, and a blue nightstand.

Stéphanie Coutas

White a kids’ bed in the shape of a house, this kids’ room looks absolutely special and modern. In this interior design project of Stéphanie Coutas, blue and white are the predominant colors, which makes this room really cozy and relaxing, perfect for bedtime stories.


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