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Kids Interior Designers – Andrea Bento’s Unique Designs

Kids Interior Designers – Andrea Bento’s Unique Designs Besides creating bespoke interior design projects for the different parts of the house, the renowned interior designer is known as the “little princesses”, kids, architect/decorator specialist from São Paulo. Inspired by the magical world of children’s imagination, Andrea Bento always incorporate bright colour tones and creative concepts in her magical design projects that take you back to your childhood dreams! Her work is recognized for being a careful, dedicated and meticulous, thanks to her friendly and respectful partnership with each client.


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Her unique aesthetic experiences are moved by bold and cheerful colour tones that represent the clients’ needs and dreams. Filled with joy and amazing combinations, Bento always tries to incorporate some unique details into her interior design projects. For example, in her magical bedroom designs for the little ones, the interior designer always introduces standout furniture designs, like big dreamy castles and towers. Her main goal is to create a unique environment where you are allowed to dream!



From princess-like bedroom decor to nautical themed bedroom projects, her inspiring creations are based on the dreams of the little ones! “I love the possibility of creating a different space for each project; the involvement with the universe of each family leads to surprising results. Andrea Bento is an exemplary professional with great business treatment, very sympathetic and helpful, always looking after the client’s needs.



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When creating magical environments for successful entrepreneurs who enjoy life in comfort, Andrea Bento always tries to incorporate her unique signature style which consists of an eclectic vision that creates a thrill as if they could be timeless as a unique poetry work. “Create unique environments, which surprise, feel the emotion of each family in the delivery of a project. I eat of feeling the happiness in their eyes”.



The interior designer often creates unique pieces to customize all of her magical interior design projects, as you can see through her impressive master artworks published in multiple sites and social networks. She believes that “good works, being original always stand out, and bring us returns”.



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