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Top kids room ideas

Are you looking for kids room ideas? To design a child’s bedroom may be quite challenging for some of us because children are growing up so fast these days. The modern trend is to create kids bedrooms that are as special and attractive as any other space in the house. Thus, we would like to present kids designed rooms, where you can find the perfect balance of practicality and creativity. Today, Kids Bedroom Ideas present you 10 kids room ideas to inspire you.

Colorful Rocket

Kids Bedroom Ideas Top Kids Room Ideas circu rocket

The following Rocket gives a secure, reliable, warm and magical place for kids to really give life to their own dreams. It was inspired on “Toy’s Story” the movie, especially on “Bus Light year” and his belief of being a true Space Ranger, protecting the Universe. Kids are passionate about adventures, super heroes and this room captures that essence and plant is in their souls.

Sleeping in white tones

Kids Bedroom Ideas Top Kids Room Ideas baby nursery

Our children are growing during the night while sleeping. Therefore, it is important for them to get enough sleep and quality. One way to make the children sleep comfortably is to create a design in which our children will be happy to stay in. No doubt that white color is always a good choice for a kid’s bedroom. Meaning purity, innocence and peace, white color seems to be a color of perfection.

A traditional room for a little girl

Kids Bedroom Ideas Top Kids Room Ideas pinterest

This bedroom is a traditional option for little girls. Pink color represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing. The butterflies on the wall bring to the room calmness and peaceful atmosphere.

A white bedroom castle

Kids Bedroom Ideas Top Kids Room Ideas photosWhat about sleeping in a castle? This magnificent castle is an ideal place for a little princess to have rest like in a fairytale. Everyone of us needs to think about the home environment for our dearest kids.

Flying in the room

Kids Bedroom Ideas Top Kids Room Ideas house

This stunning children’s bedroom is any aspiring pilot’s bespoke dream with it’s very own hand carved plane, a fun slide, bunk bed and air traffic control station. This is a perfect example where the child can dream quietly, play and dream!

Sleeping in a ship

Kids Bedroom Ideas Top Kids Room IdeasWould you like to see your kid sleeping in a lovely boat? This room is perfect for a boy who dreams about becoming a pirate. The bed is completely original and innovative and the space’s decoration is completely incredible. Here, your kid can become a captain of his own dreams!

What do you think about these bedroom ideas? Let us know which one is your favorite and leave your comments below.

Source – Home Decor Ideas


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