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Kids Space Ideas – An Awesome Apartment by Atelier D+Y

Kids Space Ideas – An Awesome Apartment by Atelier D+Y ⇒  As a shared open activity space is necessitated by a two kids’ family, the atelier adopted the geometric language with the wood colour in design to create an interesting living world for the kids.


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Credits: Atelier D+Y


They designed a game couch for the two kids in the living room. It can not only serve as a stage for the kids, but also a place for the adults for rest and shoes change. Meanwhile, a game box was set up on the couch with the stairs, slide and hammock. Arched and round holes made in the box were available for the kids to play games and interact with their family members. On the other side of the living room, a sofa was set, facing the kids’ game platform, with a horizontal bookshelf behind it.


Credits: Atelier D+Y


On the north side of the living room, there’re walkways, stairs, platform and beam-columns arranged in a fragmentary and disorganized way. Besides, they’ve added a white fence to the stairs to restore its oblique upward feeling, and then decorated the hole with a wooden frame, forming a geometric and abstract appearance.


Credits: Atelier D+Y


The kitchen and the dining room previously on the second floor were moved to the garage on the first floor to enable the circulation more reasonable. The kitchen countertops, the steaming oven and the refrigerator were arranged along the long walkway connecting to the north entrance. In the dining room, a wide landscape around the garage entrance can be appreciated by people sitting in the dining room. The wooden frames between the kitchen and the dining room can have a “sharing view” effect.


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Credits: Atelier D+Y


The holes were added to the second-floor platform to enhance the interactivity of the public space. The family room on the second floor was designed for the kids to draw pictures, play piano and play games while the adults can also watch movies and entertain themselves in this room.


Credits: Atelier D+Y


The bedroom for the two kids on the third floor was designed with two-sided colour matching walls. The elder’s room was set on the north side with a row of wardrobes against the wall and a wooden grille TV wall in the middle.


Credits: Atelier D+Y


The previous narrow master bedroom on the fourth floor was transformed into a suite. Its original ceiling was removed and the sloping roof was then highlighted, creating a sleeping space which looks high and spacious. Outside the bedroom, a LOFT mezzanine was built, serving as an exclusive storage space for the hostess’s clothes, hats, shoes and bags, etc.



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