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5 Kindergarten Projects by the Amazing Tezuka Architects

5 Kindergarten Projects by the Amazing Tezuka Architects ⇒ Tezuka Architects was established in 1994 by Takaharu and Yui Tezuka. They set out on a pursuit not just in designing architecture, but in changing the world for the better through the means of architecture; a value they hold true to this day. Architecture is not merely an object but holds the power to change people’s lives and societies.


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Fuji Kindergarten


Credits: Tezuka Architects


“Fuji Kindergarten” has been selected as the best school in the world by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. It has also received the Architectural Institute of Japan Award and the Japan Institute of Architects’ awards. The studio believes that children are born with the ability to grow, and a well-designed environment can widely enhance their possibilities to grow stronger and smarter.


Ring Around a Tree


Credits: Tezuka Architects


This one of a kind project was completed as an annexe to the Fuji Kindergarten. Permeated by wandering branches and overgrown foliage, the structure looks to destroy the boundaries between internal and external and built and natural environments. Seven staggered floor plates modestly surround the mature and twisting tree, its columns and stairways dissolved into the shadows of the leaves and hardwood.


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Muku Nursery


Credits: Tezuka Architects


The nursery school is led by the food production company “Hikari”. Its plan is composed by clustered and wall-less bubbles of one function each, which are placed, sized and furnished according to a diagram. The space between the volumes is generating excellent visibility through the site and on Mount Fuji, while the circular shapes invite the children to instinctive and endless movement flow.


Kids Terrace


Credits: Tezuka Architects


All the rooms are entered by circulating around step-shaped terraces. There are no inner corridors. It is continuous with the roof deck of the main building of Fuji Kindergarten. Field crops hang from all the eaves of the building.


Cathedral Grammar School


Credits: Tezuka Architects


A project to revive one of New Zealand’s oldest schools, Cathedral Grammar School in Christchurch, which was destroyed by a major earthquake in 2011. The aim is to produce architecture with a superior seismic resistance by learning from the wooden culture unique to New Zealand. It was designed in collaboration with Andrew Barrie.


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