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Metal Decorations for a stylish kids bedroom

Metal Decorations for a stylish kids bedroom ⇒ Metallics have always given a touch of sophistication to bedrooms, kitchens and living areas, so it’s no wonder this trend is also being applied to kids bedrooms. From light fixtures to subtle details on furniture and bedding, metal decorations can create a chic environment while still keeping it kid friendly.


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Interior Design for Kids and Kids Bedroom Ideas


Metal Bedpost


Metal Decorations for a stylish kids bedroom


Metal bedposts or bedframes will give off a vintage vibe in your kids bedroom, especially when paired with a vintage nightstand and some décor. Gold is a great color for beds, especially in a little girl’s room, and bronze and silver for boys, and it will make their room appear cozier and more sophisticated.


Golden Storage


Metal Decorations for a stylish kids bedroom


Circu’s Gold Box is a luxurious kids’ toy box inspired by the fine gold bar shape in the adventures of Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the world. This toy box is a useful metal decoration and storage solution for kids’ precious toys and secret treats, and it fits perfectly into any bedroom or playroom.


Metallic Mirror


Metal Decorations for a stylish kids bedroom


Mirrors are essential to every room, so by buying a metal mirror you kill two birds with one stone – you get a chic decoration for your kids bedroom while still buying something they actually need and that they’ll probably keep when they grow up.


Look into some lighting


Metal Decorations for a stylish kids bedroom


Just like mirrors, lamps are essential in every kids bedroom, and many of them have metal accents to make the pieces look more elegant and subtle. Diana is a vintage table lamp inspired by some of the greatest design classics of the mid-century era. It is a handmade lamp built with materials such as brass and aluminium.


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