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Milan Design Week 2018: The Best Museums in Milan

Milan is one of Europe’s most important cultural hubs! From the rich culture and history to be one of the most important design destinations in the world! Isaloni 2018, which is happening right now, is the living proof that this city has a lot to offer when it comes to design. If you are travelling to this design event you probably want to enjoy the city as much as you can! Today’s guide is focused on museums. The best part of this? Your kids will absolutely love them.


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Fondazione Prada


Milan Design Week 2018: The Best Museums in Milan


Fondazione Prada is a fairly recent museum. Having opened in 2015, it’s home to a contemporary art collection you can’t miss. Including both temporary and permanent exhibits, the central piece of the museum is The Haunted House, a four-story building covered with gold leaf and including artworks by Louise Bourgeois.




Milan Design Week 2018: The Best Museums in Milan


Another recent museum in the city! MUDEC is dedicated to arts and cultures from all over the globe. There as a piece of every corner of the world, from Japan to West Africa, the visitors will be amazed by the rich culture in this place.


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Museo del Novecento


Milan Design Week 2018: The Best Museums in Milan


Located right next to the Duomo, this museum is dedicated to 20th-century art. The organization of the museum is wonderful, with sections dedicated to each art movement of the period of time. It’s also located in a building full of history, it is where Mussolini used to address the Milan crowds.


Museum of Ancient Art


Milan Design Week 2018: The Best Museums in Milan


Museo d’Arte Antica, as the locals would call it, has a great collection from several periods of history, from the late antiquity to the Mediaeval and Renaissance periods. There is also a room designed and frescoed by Leonardo da Vinci.


National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci


Milan Design Week 2018: The Best Museums in Milan


We are kicking off the list with an iconic museum! In this museum, you’ll be able to see his originals drawing and numerous models of his scientific innovations and experiments. It’s a great place to get to know more of his work!


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