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Top 10 Neutral-Gender Kids’ Rooms

Top 10 Neutral-Gender Kids’ Rooms

Perfect kids’ room Inspirations for boys and girls!

The neutral-gender design is increasingly in vogue! That’s why Circu is always creating new kids’ room projects that can be perfect for every kid! In this article, we will share with you the Top 10 Neutral-Gender Kids’ Rooms by Circu and some of the top interior designers. Enjoy!


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A Neutral-Gender Kids' Room By Rana Abuzeid

With its shades of grey, this neutral-gender kids’ room by Abou Samra Designs, has a magical and timeless design, perfect for all of the childhood of your girl or boy! The headboard of the bed gives a special touch to the kids’ sleeping area and combines really well with the wallpaper with geometric patterns. Also, for a cozy touch, we can find a beige round rug.

Made in partnership with DelightFULL Unique Lamps, we can find on this wonderful kids’ room the Atomic light pendant is a modern design interpretation of the atomic age, inspired by the composition of the atom. Building this unique lighting design using materials such as brass, steel, and aluminum, DelightFull’s skilled artisans arranged it in an abstract composition, just like the non-conventional molecular forms.



castle shaped kids bed

A magical kids’ room with the amazing Kings & Queens Castle Bed by Circu. Whether in the role of a King or Prince or in the role of a Queen or Princess, the Kings & Queens Castle will delight any child in love with story tales, being the center of their mystical adventures. This romantic fantasy item is perfect for kids to live a real fairytale with a happy ending. With an inspiring design, the intention is to make sleepy times increasingly wanted by little princes and princesses.



cloud shaped suspension lamp

In soft shades of blue, this kids’ room features the Cloud Collection by Circu, like the Cloud Bed, Cloud Nightstand, Cloud Rug, Cloud Chest with 3 Drawers and 6 Drawers, and, finally, the Cloud Suspension Lamp.

An undersea adventure by bymura



Zen Interiors

Combining perfectly a sleeping area with a play area, this kids’ room by Zen Interiors has a fun and edgy look in shades of yellow, white, and blue.



orange velvet kids bed

A fun and nature-inspired kids’ room with the Dino Bed and the Upside Down Rug by Circu. The Dino Bed is inspired by Dino, the adored mascot from the acclaimed TV Show The Flinstones. This bed has got a unique shape and a design that was made to create a safe place for the little ones to rest and feel love and secure during the nighttime.

Sometimes there are things that get better if we look at it from a different perspective. The Upside Down Rug was inspired by kids who love to think out of the box and use different shades of earth tones. Different is the new normal and it’s a whole other level of fun.

Dolly Playhouse



train shaped kids bed

The Orient-Express Bed by Circu is a sleeping car exclusively designed somewhere between a dream and magic. In collaboration with Orient-Express, this luxury kids’ bed was based on the idea that the simple things in life can become great moments of luxury and that anything is possible when the mind keeps traveling! Featuring a TV and several storage compartments this bed promises to make any kids’ room shine like the stars on blue midnight.



luxurious gold kids bed

The Fantasy Air Balloon by Circu is a themed kids’ bed that invokes the romantic and whimsical ambiance of a hot air balloon ride! Kids will relate this bed to the Disney movie “Up”, while parents will feel like being transported to the adventurous tale of Phileas Fogg. This kid’s bed helps to create a playful environment that triggers children’s curiosity and creativity. The bed can be customized to fit both boys’ and girls’ bedroom designs with hot air balloon decor, and due to its unique design can be easily turned into a sofa.

CandyLand PlayRoom - Exclusive Project With Asmaa Tarek



mid-century modern lighting

A colorful kids’ room with mid-century lighting. The Atomic Suspension Lamp by Circu in partnership with DelightFull is a modern design interpretation of the atomic age, inspired by the composition of the atom. Building this unique lighting design using materials such as brass, steel, and aluminum,



luxury green velvet kids bed

A luxury kids’ room inspired by elements from “Jungle Book” and the eternal movie about MoglI! This children’s room is the one your clients don’t know they need until they see it. Let’s navigate through nature and climb this tree of dreams. Get ready to get lost and make some cute animal friends on the way.



luxury pink armchair

A modern classic kids’ room where the times and the adventures begin! This luxury room combines the blue tone with gold and features the Tristen Bed and the Dainty Armchair by Circu Magical Furniture!


Hope you liked these Neutral-Gender Kids’ Room Ideas!

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