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Orient Express Bed: Embark on a trip that will steam your dreams

orient express bed

Orient Express Bed

Embark on a trip that will steam your dreams

A partnership with Orient Express | @orientexpress


When you get lost in a book, sometimes you feel like the things that are written could easily be brought to life with the right type of magic like the one straight out of a J.K. Rowling book. And that’s kinda what Circu and Orient Express decided to do. This one-of-a-kind project took months of preparation and a team of designers that were not afraid of a good challenge. Get aboard and discover about this incredible journey!

orient express bed

About Orient Express

Artisan of travel since 1883, Orient Express sublimates the art of travel through luxury trains, unique experiences, and soon its first hotels around the world. Just as founder Georges Nagelmackers imagined from the start, the legendary train bears the mark of talented craftsmen and a unique savoir-faire to this day. From Art Deco signatures to fine marquetry and the talented goldsmiths who adorn its famous cars, Orient Express cultivates the art of beauty, unlimited creativity, and an eternal quest for elegance.


Go To Infinity and Beyond With Our New Room


orient express bed

CIRCU gives you the VIP ticket for this trip!

This one-of-a-kind project took months of preparation and a team of best interior designers that were not afraid of a good challenge. The Orient Express was created in 1883 and it’s a train that is pure art and gives you an experience of a lifetime. Every little detail here matters and there’s was no room for mistakes. Good thing we are working with the highest level of magic here: Circu’s.
From the right shade of blue to the gold details, the Orient Express Bed is a dream come true for little explores that love to pack their bags and see the world through the window of a speeding train.


orient express bed

orient express bed

Featuring a TV and several storage compartments this bed promises to make any kid’s room shine like the stars on blue midnight. The outside of this luxury kids bed has a high gloss blue lacquered and features gold lacquered window frames and lettering in gold vinyl. On the inside, you can find an interior in walnut leaf with a glossy finish, carpeted floor, with a comfortable bed, and on the side our iconic Diana Table Lamp and the adorable Cloud Shelf in a bright yellow color.

Your little one is the conductor of this magical kids train bed and we promise you it’s a trip he/she will never forget.

orient express bed

“A stunning collaboration based on the idea that the simple things in life can become great moments of luxury and that anything is possible when the mind keeps traveling!”


Hope you liked this magical kids train bed by Orient Express and Circu!


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