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Playroom Decor Ideas – Vintage is the Next Big Thing

Playroom Decor Ideas – Vintage is the Next Big Thing Check these adorable vintage kids playroom ideas to inspire you to do a makeover on your kids’ playroom with a classic style.


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This industrial vintage playroom has a comfortable and warm vibe. A big table so that kids can play and make their crafts and plenty of storage for toys and craft materials, this way the room keeps organized. This army-style tent is also a cool space for kids to play in.


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This kids’ teepee is a playroom inspired by the traditional indigenous tents. The Teepee Playground has a playful design influenced by the Disney princess Pocahontas and her free-spirited and highly spiritual personality. Kids will be drawn to this play tent because of the connection to nature that it inspires. It is supported by a 5-pole structure with acrylic finishes with a covering in synthetic cow skin print, with peach skin texture.



With its soft round deco shape, the graphic letter B, with a mixture of gold, black and blue fills any modern interior with luxury and elegance like no other. And just when you thought this lamp couldn’t surprise you more: you can place it outdoor too. Inspired by the icons of the art decor times, B stands for beauty, bohemian, brightness. An infusion of grace with a neon light shining on your design project. With 100 x 71 x 20 cm and 39.4 x 28 x 7.9 in this marquee letter can be colour customized, it’s available in a mini version for your wall or floor and comes with white Neon 45W bulbs.



This rustic vintage playroom has a very country vibe. Perfect for both boys and girls. It features some clever and creative storage ideas. Most of this furniture is either restored or DIY making this a unique playroom.



The spare room at home can be transformed into many things. But a vintage toy car garage is absolutely the cutest and most incredible idea ever. Kids sure will have a blast playing here.



Does your kid love aeroplanes? Then a vintage plane playroom might be the best idea for that little pilots. Plus this rustic and industrial décor is absolutely incredible!


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The Rocky Rocket it’s a children’s interactive chair, painted in a red and white checkered pattern. The moon rocket has become an iconic symbol for kids, while parents will recognize it from the adventures of Tintin, kids will relate it to Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story”.

The Rocky Rocket has an RGB light and speakers and it can be controlled by a mobile app (or with remote control). That connects by Bluetooth and you can choose the music you want to play in your smartphone. The app has also sleep assistant and you can choose the colour intensity of the light and lighting effects.



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