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Spooky Cool Halloween Decor for Kids Rooms

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Spooky Cool Halloween Decor for Kids Rooms ⇒ Halloween decors aren’t just for the front lawn. Alongside Christmas, Halloween gotta be children’s favourite holiday. They get to dress up as they’re favourite heroes and knock on doors to ask for candy. Decorating the house to host trick or treaters and their friends is also one of kids favourite activities. Spooking up the house with bats, cobwebs, little ghosts and scary witches make kids incredibly excited for Halloween. Well, the decors aren’t merely destined for the front lawn, porch or door, you can always take them indoors. And most importantly, to their bedrooms. We guarantee your kids will love it!


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Spooky Cool Halloween Decor for Kids Rooms


Spooky Cool Halloween Decor for Kids Rooms


Let’s start with the basics. Black paper bats can be a great way to introduce your kid’s bedroom into that Halloween vibe. If you feel like it’s too spooky, you can always add some googly eyes to it. Your kids will feel like they’re on Batcave!


Spooky Cool Halloween Decor for Kids Rooms


Besides bats, home-crafting paper Jack’O Lanterns can be next on the menu. Having real ones in a bedroom can be sort of messy, and it might attract some unwanted visitors (aka all kinds of nasty bugs). And it’s sort of wasteful. Just get yourself a piece of orange card, a pair of scissors and a string and you got everything you need to create the cutest decor ever.


Spooky Cool Halloween Decor for Kids Rooms


What about little ghosts? Those are kind of tricky to handcraft. At least in the conventional methods. On the other side, a simple pillow can do the trick. Like the one above. The good part of this? You can always re-use it in the room’s decor! It’s sort of a win-win situation, isn’t it?


Spooky Cool Halloween Decor for Kids Rooms

Spooky Cool Halloween Decor for Kids Rooms


Another thing you can do is to completely decorate your kids’ play area with all sorts of Halloween motifs. That way, you mess up their room decor and keep the other room areas clean of any Halloween aftermath (like candy wrappers everywhere).


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