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Teen Boys Bedroom Ideas – Rock and Roll’s the Answer

Teen Boys Bedroom Ideas – Rock and Roll’s the Answer  – How many of us grew up during the golden age of rock? Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, The Doors… We’ve witnessed so many geniuses throughout the years expressing their unique visions the way they knew best: through long, deep guitar riffs, wild drum sets and roaring, raw and pure voices. Rock and roll inspired a whole generation, taught us to love, to feel and brought people together on an unprecedented scale. Despite what’s believed, rock and roll is not dead. At all. In fact, kids wonder in awe to the past concerts and imagine themselves as Angus Young, playing the guitar to over 100 000 people in Buenos Aires. Bearing this in mind, we’ve decided to compile you 7 incredibly cool rock and roll decor ideas that your kids will love. Who knows, maybe you have a young Mick Jagger living under your roof.


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Teen Boys Bedroom Ideas - Rock and Roll's the Answer


Metallics are mandatory in every rock and roll concert. Make your kids’ bedroom the main stage of their dreams by following an industrial style decor with dark, deep browns, greens and greys. This raw bunkbed is something we’re dying over, and we won’t even mention the globe chairs.


Teen Boys Bedroom Ideas - Rock and Roll's the Answer


Wouldn’t you wish you were here? Pun intended of course. But puns aside, Pink Floyd was one of the most influential bands that ever existed. Classics like Another Brick on the Wall, Wish you were here and Perfectly Numb are still mesmerizing the younger generations due to their uniqueness and to what they represented, Lucky for you, this isn’t a very hard look to achieve. You can easily get a stencil and some spray cans, and you got The Wall (vinyl should work fine as well).


Teen Boys Bedroom Ideas - Rock and Roll's the Answer


Keeping with the industrial vibe here, a black featured wall. behind the bed makes a statement like Mick Jagger when he said Paint it Black. Hang some white Christmas lights over the bed and we don’t have to mention the ultra cool, stage-like letters on the wall, contrasting with the deep black paint.


Teen Boys Bedroom Ideas - Rock and Roll's the Answer


If painting a wall in black is too much for you, then there’s nothing like a raw brick wall as with a leather bed headboard. complete the look with some themed poster or pillows and you’ll have your own Brit-Punk stage at home.


Teen Boys Bedroom Ideas - Rock and Roll's the Answer


Ombre was a major trend this year, and it probably will continue to be on the next one. We’re obsessed with this blue ombre wall. It has that summer festival vibe, completed with the raw wood and leather accents.


Teen Boys Bedroom Ideas - Rock and Roll's the Answer


Another example of how a shared bedroom can be full of character and rock and roll soul. You can fill the walls with their favourite records.


Teen Boys Bedroom Ideas - Rock and Roll's the Answer


This one is a great example that you don’t have to compromise on style to achieve the rock look you’re looking for. The hanging guitars and the AC/DC lettering serving as a feature wall proves to be worthy of Angus Young himself.


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