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Upgrade Your Kids Bedrooms with the 2021 Interior Design Trends

Upgrade Your Kids Bedrooms with the 2021 Interior Design Trends – Circu is always on top of the biggest trends in the interior design world! If you are thinking about remodelling your home soon, you may be wondering what design trends are losing their spark and what ones are becoming hot. Interior design trends change all the time, and it can be challenging to stay on top of them!


70’s Vibe



As seen in fashion design, also in interior design every year design brings back a contemporary classic interior design trend. This time the wavy warm colour of the ’70s will be a comeback trend for 2021. Round shapes, texturized deign and light contours will make a huge comeback next year and we couldn’t be more excited. That Miami Vice design is clawing its way out of the ’70s and coming back in 2021 and, as you can see in the picture above, it is quite easy to use it in a kids bedroom, and add a more modern touch to it.



Framed Beds



A top interior design trend that has been seen in a variety of projects. With a Scandinavian interior inspiration, this furniture piece is a cosy dreaming feature. Which it can be upgraded by transforming this trend into a bed castle, like in the ambience above and the project below.


2Deco Studio Creates Modern Gender-Neutral Kids Bedroom


Swing Chairs and Sofas



A playful, yet chic addition to an interior. Interior swings bring an extra wonder value to any home. Whether for adults or children, it is important nowadays to create versatile interiors, since COVID has provoked increasing importance in staying safe at our homes.

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