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White and the Bear Restaurant Is the Place to Take your Kids

White and the Bear Restaurant Is the Place to Take your Kids ⇒ Designed Sneha Divias Atelier, this amazing restaurant’s located in Dubai. Born in Portugal, the lead architect Sneha holds a Master Degree in Architecture from the Lusiada University of Porto and specialized in Interior Design at New York University. Having worked on projects globally with renowned architecture and design consultants in Lisbon and Dubai prior to founding the Atelier, Sneha helms the firm with true entrepreneurial vision.


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Credits: Sneha Divias Atelier


Located in Dubai’s Jumeirah district, White & The Bear has been designed by Sneha Divias Atelier with “urbane” interiors that avoid the bright shades usually used within child-focused spaces. The restaurant and retail space are instead decked out with neutral colours and materials that, according to the studio, will foster children’s curiosity.


Credits: Sneha Divias Atelier


The Atelier won the CID Awards Residential category, an International Property Award for Apartment Design and Sneha won the CID Designer of the Year award as well as the Best Emerging Designer at Harper´s Bazaar Interior Awards. The Atelier also won the award for Design Entrepreneur of the Year and was featured in the Architectural Digest Middle East AD 50, and CID Power 50 list that recognizes talent in the region.


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Credits: Sneha Divias Atelier


The ground floor of the building has been made into a singular open-plan space with all-white surfaces. One half of the room is dedicated to the restaurant, which will offer a menu of healthy meals specially curated by a children’s nutritionist. Timber has been used to form a grooved coffee counter where visiting parents can grab a hot drink and a series of tiny, animal-shaped seats for kids.


Credit: Sneha Divias Atelier


Some of the chairs featuring curving arms and a rear central leg to appear like an elephant, while others have a bunny or bear-like ears extending from the backrests. A flock of bird-shaped pendant lamps and mirrors printed with peeking bears have also been used to bring a fun feel to space.


Credits: Sneha Divias Atelier


The shop continues up to the building’s first floor, which includes a large glass-fronted room that can be used for arts and crafts workshops or birthday parties. Connecting corridors are lined with books and have cushioned reading books inset into the walls. At this level, there is also a nursing room where mothers can feed their young babies in privacy, as well as a bathroom with lowered sink basins and toilets so that kids can use with ease.


Credits: Sneha Divias Atelier


“Children should be left to explore their surroundings and find their own space where they feel comfortable,” the studio added. Our design is focused on humanizing the interior architecture, bringing a sense of proportion and scale for children to feel integrated.”


Credits: Sneha Divias Atelier


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