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Youji no Shiro, the Kindergarten Design Specialists

Youji no Shiro, the Kindergarten Design Specialists ⇒ ‘Youji no Shiro’, which means ‘The Castle for Children’ in Japanese, is the name of a section of Hibino Sekkei Architecture, based in Kanagawa, Japan. The company was founded in 1972 and had launched the section that specialises in the design of spaces for children in 1991, reflecting the rapidly altering social situation.


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Credits: Youji no Shiro


By that time, the declining birth rate had become a serious issue in Japan. With fewer children continuing to develop, The studio began to think that existing preschool architecture where classrooms of the same sizes and shapes were lined up weren’t just right.


Credits: Youji no Shiro,


Instead of that characterless architecture, Youshi no Shiro thought what’s needed are spaces that are sincerely considered, designed and built for the people who work there, people in the neighbourhood and, of course, children who use there.



Credits: Youji no Shiro
Credits: Youji no Shiro


Believing that, they had built up more and more work in the field of space design for children. During their 28 years in operation, the studio has created approximately 500 spaces for children all over Japan. The spaces include newly built architecture, converted architecture, interiors and the like. Recently the area of our service is expanding to the world.


Credits: Youji no Shiro



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